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A foreign country.

My girlfriend asked me to attend a country music concert with her for her birthday, and of course I agreed. However, I’m stumped on what to wear. I enjoy country music, but some of its styles are just not for me. What do you recommend? I’m open for anything short of skin-tight jeans and a rhinestone belt buckle.

Usually one thinks of the rancher faced with attending some dressy event and being stumped about what to wear. Your situation is the other side of the same coin. Either way, it’s a common dilemma people have when faced with an unfamiliar situation. You don’t want to stand out. Here’s the problem though, the easiest person to pick out of the crowd is the one who’s dressing to “fit in.” If you’re ever visiting the Hawaiian Islands keep an eye out for the people wearing leis—they’re tourists. With that in mind, we’re glad you’ve decided to skip the rhinestone belt.

We would recommend starting by looking through your wardrobe for clothing that might be in the same family as “country wear.” Jeans certainly are. A simple checked button-down is too (many button-downs have western accents like snaps on the front pockets and wrists—which are perfect for this kind of event). For footwear, you’re right, the boat shoe won’t work. Think chukkas. And if this is an outdoor concert, shorts, a short-sleeve button-down, and a pair of flip-flops will fit the bill nicely as well. The important thing is to be comfortable in what you’re in. Think of what you enjoy wearing and then give it a slightly rugged spin.

Most country music has such a crossover appeal these days we’re certain you’ll see people looking more “mainstream” than you might expect. Although, if you hear this response at the venue in regards to the type of music they normally have there, we suggest cutting the evening short. Otherwise, enjoy the concert and tell your girlfriend “Happy Birthday” from us.

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    Hi John, If your living in Starkville, something along the lines of what is described above should be a standard part of your wardrobe. A pair of jeans, a simple blue button-up shirt, and some boots will do the trick 90% of the time. If you want to authenticate it a bit I would certainly recommend purchasing a decent pair Chelsea boots or cowboy boots. In addition to passing for formal wear the right pair of Chelsea boots look pretty similar to roper style cowboy boots. There are some simple and cheap cowboy boots out there that are fine if they are not for every day use. Also, don't be afraid of all belt buckles. A simple belt buckle can be a nice thing to add some personality to your dress, without seeming fake. They are just like logos on a t-shirt or watches, they say something about you. I have several varieties with sports teams and places I have visited on them. Keep it simple is the Cowboy tradition, but don't be afraid to add some expression.
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